Benefits of Cremation Over Burial

Undoubtedly, cremation is becoming option number one for final disposition among people, and it’s with reason. But have you ever thought about the benefits of cremation over a traditional burial?

Therefore Arlington Mortuary have pulled together some of the cremation benefits:

Cremation is way cheaper than burial

When all the costs are added up, the average price of burial is above $ 6,000. Compared to this number, the price of cremation is around $ 1,500. So, if you are looking for a cheaper option, cremation is definitely something that can cost even under $ 1,000.

Cremation allows you to pick the perfect time to arrange the service

Traditional burial and funeral arrangements have a timeframe that looks like a ticking clock. This can add a lot of frustration and stress. But on the other hand, cremation offers you plenty of time to harmonize and organize cremation and all it comes with it.

More options for final resting place compared to other forms

Cremation actually offers both burial and cremation niche. Even more, you can choose to keep the remains at your home in some of the gorgeous urns or scatter the remains over the place that the deceased loved.

Environment protection

Awareness of the ecological aspect of cremation is growing around the world. Unlike traditional burial, cremation preserves planet Earth and our land. As the remains are kept in a small columbarium or in the home, soil pollution is reduced.

What else do I need to know?

In order for the cremation to be carried out, the consent of the person is required and the papyrology must be completed as this area is completely regulated by administrative law. Cremation homes like Arlington Mortuary know exactly what need to do to help you in these difficult times. Cremation can also include an all-in-one service that will take care of every aspect of the organization and everything it needs to make this a less stressful period for you.

Modern crematoria have high tech furnaces with automatic process regularization, and the coffin you choose must be eco-friendly, which means that there are no metal parts and industrial coatings. Also, choose an urn and come up with a final resting place.

The takeaway

When carefully considers all the advantages of cremation over burial, it is clear why more and more people are opting for this option. To learn more, feel free to visit the Arlington Mortuary website. The whole cremation process is much easier, less stressful, less exhausting, and more efficient compared to all other burial methods.