Can a DUI Be Removed From Your Record

Well, we have the best solutions for your situation. Having a DUI conviction either felony or misdemeanor can reduce your chances to most employment opportunities; affect your interest rates and also your driving license. This is because the records on conviction are usually placed on your criminal and driving records. Each state has a varied length of time in which this item stays on your driving records. Most states keep the item on your records for seven years while others go for ten years or even forever depending on the laws. Some states tend to give opportunities to expunge these criminal records. However, for one to clear a dui record you have are required to be eligible.

Requirements for a DUI Expungement

Expungement of DUI in some states is not allowed in the courts because it is viewed as a very serious offense. The nature and type of statement of this conviction are the main factors used to determine if a DUI can be removed from your record or mot. In addition there are major eligibility requirements that you are supposed to fulfill in order to get an expungement. Involvement of probation is essential for your DUI statement to be eligible for expungement. Chances of getting an expungement are in most instances minimized if you were punished by being sent to the state prison to serve for your conviction.

Complying with all DUI requirements is also recommended. In the case of being discharged or revoked unsuccessfully, the chances of qualifying to have your DUI records expunged would be impossible. At the time you are dealing with your expungement procedure, you are required to have no other pending criminal cases. According to DUI attorney Hart Levin your request to clear a DUI record will be denied if your aim is expunging the conviction due to fear that other criminal records will be used by the court against you.


After meeting the eligibility requirements, it is important to follow the expungement procedures as stated by the court. “First, you are required to file a petition, pay for filing, and thereafter send your notice to the prosecuting office. Once the notice is received on the DUI expungement, your request is filed and contested for a specific period before an answer is given,” said Mark from the OC DUI Expert. Requesting for final hearing from the court is essential and it is here that your petition is granted. It is your responsibility at the hearing to show your entitlements for the expunging of your DUI conviction. At this stage, it is recommendable to get assistance from an attorney for you to get your expungement easily.…