When Should You Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Should You Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you ride motorcycles then you know both the thrill of the open road and are very aware of the fact that oftentimes other drivers of vehicles such as cars or trucks may not pay you the proper attention–resulting at times in nasty accidents. Should you live in the Modesto region and find yourself potentially in a wreck you may be wondering when is the best time to contact Modesto motorcycle accident attorney. Here is when you want to be sure to hire one:

You Will Require Medical Care

One of the main ways people go bankrupt is due to medical bills. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident and require medical care you need to be sure to hire an attorney before the bills start piling-up and there is nobody there to help pay them due to the insurance company trying to wiggle out of any responsibility or any other drivers possibly responsible for the accident trying to claim they are not liable for medical expenses.

You Have Permanent Injuries

If you have suffered an injury that is going to be with your the rest of your life, you need an attorney. Everything from a traumatic brain injury to paralyzed limbs will be costly to care for the rest of your years and you want to ensure you have a Modesto motorcycle accident attorney who will be there for you to make sure you will always receive the care and treatment you need and deserve.

The Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

Even if you do not suffer any injuries that require medical care or leave you with a permanent disability, you still have a damaged or wrecked motorcycle you are entitled to receive compensation for from your insurance company. Should they try to be dishonest and come-up with excuses in the hopes they can deny your claim you want to immediately have an attorney in your corner to make sure you are paid what is rightly owed to you.


When it comes to the question of if it is necessary to hire a Modesto motorcycle accident attorney you want to be sure to have a lawyer anytime the three above situations apply to your accident scenario. By having an attorney to make sure you are treated fairly and given what you are rightfully owed you can make sure that any possible accident you may have when riding a motorcycle will not result in making life any harder than it should be as you focus on your own recovery–and not having to deal with medical bills or the insurance company.…

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